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Engtech Group has significant experience in the assessment, management and clean up of the environment following chemical and wastewater spills and/or environmental incidents.

Selected examples include:

Spills and chemical cleanups
Asbestos identification, monitoring and emergency management
Specialised and highly trained technical team
State of the art spill response equipment and personal protective equipment
Malfunction of treatment systems resulting in discharge exceeding compliance trigger values etc
Wastewater overflow from storm events
Contamination management and remediation strategies
Stormwater contamination from spills
Controlled and Dangerous Goods licensed transport (liquid and solid)

Response Procedure:

For a life threatening incident or pollution emergency call 000 and ask for Fire.
To report a pollution emergency that is not life-threatening call DER 24 hr Pollution Watch Hotline: 1300 781 782
Contact an Engtech Group specialist for expert advice and rapid response of residual risk, following the immediate emergency response provided by DFES and/or DER.

The sooner residual impacts are assessed, removed and/or managed, the smaller the chance is of having ongoing risk and liability. Residual impacts can be very expensive to remediate (commonly in excess of $1 Million) and generational in terms of the duration of liability, based upon the strict protocol of the Contaminated Sites Act, 2003.

• John Maaskant – Principal: - Mobile 0418 911 759
• Michael Wright – Principal: - Mobile 0438 091 172
• Jonathan Brown – Associate: - Mobile 0404 342 098

Engtech Group Emergency Response Service

•Prompt environmental assessment
•Swift remediation strategy evaluation
•Management and clean-up of residual contaminants
•Emergency and ongoing stakeholder negotiation (DER, DoW, DoH, Water Corporation, Local Government etc.)
•Engtech Group routinely provide expert advice to clients and their emergency response teams including taking a leading role in subsequent incident and impact investigations.
•Engtech Group Company Directors have also acted as expert witnesses on a number of legal cases as a result of historical uncontrolled environmental discharge where the responsibility to clean-up and/or compensate is being determined.