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Engtech’s extensive dangerous goods consulting services include:

Preparation, assessment and endorsement of site licencing applications
Site inspections, review and recommendations for the safe Storage and Handling of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances
Preparation of designs, drawings and specifications for specialised storage and handling systems
Determination of hazardous areas associated with storage and process systems
Site Risk Assessments for compliance with the Dangerous Goods Regulations, Australian Standards and Occupational Health and Safety Requirements
Recommendations for the effective control of static electricity through earthing and bonding
Technical Writing and Procedures Manuals
Our general engineering expertise and specialist knowledge of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods gives Engtech the edge over other consultants when it comes to providing project solutions required to incorporate any aspect of their storage and handling.
Hazardous substances are defined in terms of their direct health effects on people whereas dangerous goods are defined by their physical and chemical properties.   
If either are not stored or handled correctly the potential consequences may range from not effects not being immediately obvious e.g. slow health deterioration due to excessive exposure to harmful chemicals; through to immediate loss of life from an explosion.